Directorate of Pension Office Housefed.,Beltola,Assam Government

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Directorate of Pension Office ,Assam Government

  1. Pension and Pensioners Grievance reddresal System
  2. Website and information dissemination on the Internet
  3. Creating a comprehensive pensioner's database which can be shared by all concerned agencies (eg; AG, CM's office, Finance Department, P & PG Department,etc.)
  4. Setting up of an on-line enquiry system about the status of a pension case.

The Directorate of Pension (DP) was conceptualized in the year 1989 and was constituted on 4th January 1990 by the Government of Assam. DP was set up mainly to resolve the pension cases of the Education Department where there was a huge backlog of pending cases. This has arised due to provincialisation of many Government aided schools wherby a large number of employees serving in these schools came under the retirement benefit scheme as are admissible to State Government employees.


DP, Housefed Complex,

Beltola, Guwahati ,Assam

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on line enquiry system on status of pension

on-line enquiry system about the status of a pension cases is not available. Kindly activate the same immediately.

Increment of pansion

My father(Head master of kumarikata M.E. School, Baksa) retiert from job of teacher in 2009 at dec. He has getting pension from then but his pension is same from 2009 to till now . My father and me go to director office several time but no result.

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