Deka Chang,Jungle Resort | Sonapur Guwahati,Assam

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Deka Chang is a wild resort situated at Sonapur near Guwahati in Assam


Deka Chang Jungle Resort.
Sonapur , Guwahati



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i was a regular customer of

i was a regular customer of deka chaang but today i visited and returned just back from there. i reached there at 6 pm and waited for the menu to arive till 7pm. the worst part is that whatever we request they dont come with the order and every time we complain, a new waiter comes to take the order. and when you want to leave the place they wont allow u too since u placed the order no mater how late they serve and moreover today there was a lot of eve teasing and we wanted to respond to it but since the authorities were not concerned about it we thought not to make it an issue.. what i want to say is that never visit deka chaang sonapur with ur family or your friends. its a mess and not worth spending your valuable money. today was my worst experience in deka chaang as a localite in my own place. beware guyzzz. dont even rely on the resort authorities.. they too are b***s**t.. money minded b**ta**s...

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